Vacuum Technology

Vakuum Lifter Kombi 7011-MD1

for production

Vakuum Lifter Kombi 7011-MD1

for production

  • vertical
  • no tilting possible
  • battery powered
  • manually
  • 1-circle
  • smooth
  • gas impermeable
  • flat
  • 150


Which properties are really important for you with a vacuum lifting device?

Are you looking for something like this?

  • Something with compact dimensions but high lifting capacity?
  • Would you like this device to be able to rotate endlessly?
  • Should it be a lightweight unit?
  • Do you wish to be able to use it promptly anywhere in your business?
  • Are you also familiar with this?
    Do you want to use the vacuum lifting device, but the battery is flat?
  • Are you looking for a genuine workhorse for the next few years, that will provide you with dependable service at all times?
  • Is a maximum load weight of 150 kg sufficient?

Here, you will find whatever you may be looking for! Our vacuum lifting device Kombi 7011-MD1 offers you precisely that.

This not only enables you to move glass. Instead, it is also popular in vehicle construction to replace the doors on trailers.

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(max. 150 kg)

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