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Vakuum Lifter Kombi 7011-MD1

for production

The Kombi 7011-MD1 is a compact vacuum lifting device for production environments. It can move loads weighing up to 150 kg.

Vacuum lifter 7005-BF-2013

The flexible vacuum lifter for window production

The 7005-BF-2013 is a vacuum lifter for window production that can move up to 200 kg and is very flexible when it comes to positioning the suction cups. Ideal for vertical implementation of windows and doors.

Vakuum Lifter 7025-AD4-2

The ideal solution for glass polishing workshops

Vacuum lifting device 7025-AD4-2 was designed to move long, narrow strips of glass. Strips of glass measuring 6000 mm in length are easy to rotate at the touch of a button, across an infinitely variable range.

Vakuum Lifter 7005-DS4-2/E

The Vacuum Lifter for window manufacture

The 7005-DS4-2/E is a vacuum lifting device for window production that can move up to 250 kg. You can manually turn and tilt the elements with this vacuum lifting device.

vacuum lifter Kombi 7441-DS3H

For the construction site

The Kombi 7441-DS3H, a compact vacuum lifter for construction sites, which can move up to 1125 kg and can be extended using 6 extensions. The turning and tilting movements are powered.

Vakuum Lifter 7025-MDmS4-2/E

The small vacuum lifter with the rotary and swivel function for window production, vehicle glazing, insulating glass production or glass grinding shop

Vakuum Lifter 7025-MD2-4

The optimum for the production of insulating glass

The 7025-MD2-4 vacuum lifter is intended for moving small panes of glass, insulating glass, and similar. However, it is also possible to use extensions to move larger elements. The pneumatic suction frame is designed with rotational capability.

vacuum lifter Kombi 7011-DS4Z-2012

for production

The Kombi 7011-DS4Z-2012, a compact vacuum lifting device for production, which can move up to 600kg, can be extended using 6 extensions and has an inclination adjustment.